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From Pastor Bob Crosthwaite:

If you'd like to get more financial security for your family, take some financial pressure off of your church, or just be able to take a nice vacation from time to time, please read the following carefully.

Tentmaking today is different than it was in the Apostle Paul's time. (Paul made tents on the side to help support himself. Acts 18.)  It's different today in that we're all inundated with a plethora of opportunities on the Internet, Opportunities from all over the world - many of which unfortunately make money at the expense of people

So how do you find a real tentmaking opportunity that serves people and makes a difference in the quality of people's lives?  It's relatively easy if that opportunity meets the five (5) characteristics below.

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But How Do I Know
If It's The Right Tentmaking Product/Service?

Believe it or not, this is easily answered!
1. Product/Service Is Unique  
Copy-cat products/services can make money, but the biggest opportunities are with products that are unique...not me too products.
2. Solves A "Common" Problem
Products/Services that solve a "common" or big problem have the best chance of succeeding.
3. Solves The Problem Quickly
In our microwave society, people don't want to wait. They want to get immediate and emotional results.
4. Solves The Problem Easily
People don't like complicated solutions, they just want to "push a button" and have it work. It has to be easy!
5. Gives Increasing Value
People love buying a product/service that the more they use it the more they love it.
“I was able to leave my job with a major pharmaceutical company in less than 18 months and in that time, I doubled my corporate income while working from home.  Today, I am even more excited about this new green-technology venture.”
P. Svetz
N. Atlanta, GA..
* Statement of earnings is for illustration purposes only and reflects the author's cumulative earnings over a number of years. It should not be construed as an income claim and/or representation of potential earnings from any one business, but rather an example of the type of value the author personally received from the "principles" in the book. Statement of earnings is atypical, and your results and income from any business will depend upon your own individual efforts and determination to succeed. No level of success or monies can be guaranteed or implied.
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